• Alina Utrata

    Alina Utrata

    PhD’ing in Politics and International Studies at Cambridge via Queen's University Belfast via Stanford. www.alinautrata.com

  • Kinsey Morrison

    Kinsey Morrison

    Communications Advisor to @GovAndyBeshear. We will get through this, together. ❤️ For COVID-19 updates follow @GovAndyBeshear & kycovid19.ky.gov. #TeamKentuc

  • Dana Tierney

    Dana Tierney

  • Graeme Roberts

    Graeme Roberts

    Concluded, out of practicality, that we must consider all human beings in our actions and attitudes. I want to know how the world works and how to improve it.

  • Andrea Laham

    Andrea Laham

    Admin for Thoughts on Fire Writing Group, Adjunct Faculty for Lone Star College, Essayist, Poet

  • Preston McSwain

    Preston McSwain

    Preston McSwain is the Founder and Managing Partner of Fiduciary Wealth Partners. In addition, with his family he founded CleanUpOceans.com

  • Jack Fleischmann

    Jack Fleischmann

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