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I was the research assistant for a New York Magazine package on the real scoop on making it at Stanford called A Cynic’s Guide to Stanford (here) that focused on tech and a follow-up that focused on the rest of campus (here). The package is a tongue-in-cheek plan, from the…

New documents reveal Booker’s undergraduate role in preserving a campus institution

Sen. Cory Booker. Image via Creative Commons.

The Bridge Peer Counseling Center has long been a fixture of Stanford. Long before Cory Booker (’91) was a U.S. Senator and one of the biggest names of the Democratic Party, when he was still an undergraduate majoring in political science and writing columns for the Stanford Daily, he was…

Image via the Official Campaign Page for Adrian Fine.

This article is part of a series on housing politics and policy, particularly in the context of the Bay Area. Other articles on housing can be found here.

Following the public resignation of Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner Kate Downing, the Stanford Political Journal has talked to multiple figures…

Andrew Granato

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